Sapthagiri Express movie Review Rating (3/5)


The script showcases the bond between a father and son. The film starts with the conflict between a disciplinarian father and his wayward son (Sapthagiri).

On another hand, Sapthagiri, meets Aishwarya( Roshini Prakash) who stays next to his house and is  Inspector’s daughter.

He falls in love with her. As a twist, Sapthagiri father will get killed by some people. The rest of the story is how sapthagiri becomes from a reluctant cop to a disciplined guy, who takes revenge against those who murdered his father.
For sure, at first, credit must go to Sapthagiri as he surprises everybody with his terrific dances and fabulous acting.

The audience are in a shock for the kind of dances and variations he performed. His comedy timing is impeccable as usual.

He excelled in this comedy oriented role and even got succeeded in showcasing emotions in sentiment scenes that stood highlight for the movie.

Roshini Prakash did well within her limitations. Ali is adequate. Posani Krishna Murali is good in his role.

Other characters played by Shiva Prasad, Posani Krishnamurali, Ajay Ghosh, Tulasi, Hema, Shakalaka Shankar, Jhansi, Madhu Nandan, Sayaji Shinde, Tulasi are good and they acted well in their limited roles.

Though story of the film is simple, just with twists and surprises, Direction of the film is good in sentiment and comedy parts and manages to entertain the audience without making them feel bored. The director handled comedy and sentiment part of the film well. But he should have made sure that the last half an hour is interesting.

The logic goes haywire in some vital situations. But the gripping narration made all the negatives also to positives. Cinematography by C. Ram Prasad is a big asset. He made sure that he could able to capture the scenic beauty of locations though this film is a comedy dominated film.

Music by Bulganin is good. Dialogues are great in the film and there are very good punches and the one-liners for Sapthagiri.

Production values by K. Ravi Kirane are good. The main plus points of the film are Sapthagiri comedy and dances, dialogues and cinematography.

But on the flip side, negative points are the inept handling of the second half and old-fashioned narration. They should have taken care of the logic aspect in the story.

Editing is great. The storyline of the film is a typical ‘comedy plus sentiment ‘ genre one. So we see these kinds of films very often in Telugu and movie at points makes us feel as same old narration.  The first half of the film is great.

The second half also manages to engage audience with great sentiment scenes.

As the mass, audiences might enjoy the comedy of the film very much and as class audience may get engaged with family sentiment part, This film has chances of doing well in A and B


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